Late start? No problem!

Give me eight weeks of your time + some consistency + in return I promise I will give you the ammunition to love your body and change your life. I’m offering a *late start* option so you can jump into my Comeback Body Plan AND I am letting you take ten dollars off. That means 89 dollars for EIGHT weeks of workouts + meal plans sent right to your inbox. See previous posts for all the results I’m having as well as my clients and join us in this simple and easy journey.


Who is ready for ROUND TWO of my Comeback Body Plan? In the first eight weeks, I lost thirty pounds and started to rebuild and gain muscle back. I also fine-tuned my nutrition and workouts. Who else wants in? The plan begins next Monday and first one is sent out this Friday! Contact me today to get started.

✨ Comeback Body Plan ✨

For just 99 dollars…you can get this 8 WEEK plan. The plan will be the EXACT plan I will be following. If I can lose the baby weight and get back to my pre-pregnancy body, you can lose the weight/ get more fit with me too! This plan is even great if you’re just bored with your current routine and/or need something just to get you back on track. The cool part? You know this plan works, because I have already done this TWICE now and achieved my goals after my first and second pregnancies ! Let’s do this TOGETHER and motivate each other!

Plan Start Date: Monday, October 22

Here’s what’s included:

* 8 weeks of every workout I am doing every single day

* 8 weeks of every meal & snack I am eating every single day

Here’s how it works:

* You will get an email once a week, before the week starts, that will give you everything in detail so you can prepare for workouts & shop for what food you will need. * As always, I’m here for any question you have at any point throughout the 8 weeks – via email or text!

Up next…Round 2!

A big shoutout to all my teammates doing my Comeback Body Plan with me!

I’m officially back in my pre-pregnancy jeans after following my plan for less than FOUR weeks! I have also lost 27 pounds since giving birth to Andi. I’m even more pumped about receiving texts/emails about so many of you seeing results just as much as I am! Can’t stop now…Round 2 coming soon if you didn’t hop on board with us the first time! DM me if you wanted to be added to the list.

After a great weekend away, I’m recharged and starting Day 1 of of my Comeback Body Plan with you all. I’m so ready to get into the best shape of my life after creating two tiny humans. A woman’s body is truly incredible with all that it is capable of… & I want to prove everyone wrong who says “ Your body will never be the same again after being pregnant and having two c-sections.” Watch me…