✨ Comeback Body Plan ✨

✨ Comeback Body Plan ✨

For just 99 dollars…you can get this 8 WEEK plan. The plan will be the EXACT plan I will be following. If I can lose the baby weight and get back to my pre-pregnancy body, you can lose the weight/ get more fit with me too! This plan is even great if you’re just bored with your current routine and/or need something just to get you back on track. The cool part? You know this plan works, because I have already done this once and achieved my goals after my first pregnancy! Let’s do this TOGETHER and motivate each other!

Plan Start Date: Monday, August 27th.

Here’s what’s included:

* 8 weeks of every workout I am doing every single day

* 8 weeks of every meal & snack I am eating every single day

Here’s how it works:

* You will get an email once a week, before the week starts, that will give you everything in detail so you can prepare for workouts & shop for what food you will need.

* As always, I’m here for any question you have at any point throughout the 8 weeks – via email or text!

Send me a message to commit and be added to the group now! For those of you who have already contacted me that you’re interested, drop me another line so you can be official!

The countdown is on!

✨31 days✨until my comeback body plan will be available for you all! Work out with me, eat like me, and lose weight/get fit with me! For a super affordable price…you will get detailed workouts, an easy to follow meal plan that doesn’t let you fail, and constant support and guidance from me.( Who will be doing this WITH you and following the same exact plan as you too!) If I can do it… so can you. For now, I’m focusing on healing from a c-section and my only workout consists of carrying this little babe around! Use the next few weeks to mentally prepare yourself and get ready to have fun and crush your goals with me! Send me a DM to be added to my dream team.


No-Bake Milk Boosting Energy Bites


It’s about that time that I start getting back into newborn momma mode! I can’t believe it has almost been two years already since I was in it last. After just moving into our new house, we have been crazy busy getting everything ready for the baby and in general. On top of all of that, I’m trying my best to make some storable and freezable snacks and meals to make our life a little easier. It will definitely be a big transition from one child to two! When nursing Presley, I was constantly coming up with and trying different lactation recipes. The one below is one that I used many times and decided to add a new twist. I had to be very strict and not consume any dairy with P. I am very confident that this will also be the case for Andi, but either way, it’s the best for me as I am dairy intolerant too. I chose to add Unreal dark chocolate crispy quinoa gems (just like m&ms) and was so surprised at how good they were! I can’t wait to just pop these bites right out of the fridge or freezer when life will be so chaotic! Remember, these are a great healthy snack post or pre-workout or anytime for anyone!

⋆No-Bake Milk Boosting Energy Bites ⋆

(omit brewers yeast for my non-nursers!)


Ingredients: (makes about 2 dozen bites)

« 2 cups of oats

« 1/2 cup of milled or ground flaxseed

« 1 cup of peanut butter or almond butter

« 1/2 cup of honey 

« 1/2 of dark chocolate chips

« 1/2 cup of unreal – dark chocolate crispy quinoa gems (or m&ms)

« 3 tbsps of brewer’s yeast

« 1 tsp of vanilla

« Combine all ingredients together and make into

little balls & refrigerate or freeze!